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Automated Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and increase participation with Teletask's automated appointment and due date reminders. Messages are personalized with scripts, in the languages of choice and recorded by a live person or using text to speech, depending on preference:

  • Voice, Text, and Email messages can be customized per the scripting process to to deliver specific information to clients so that they arrive at the correct location, on-time and for the right reason.
  • Voice Calls can display your caller ID so clients call back to the right place
  • Clients have the ability to confirm, cancel their appointments over the automated phone call or via text message, and can respond to text reminders. Clients can opt-out of any message type by responding directly to the message.
  • Calls can be made repeatedly until the reminder is delivered.
  • Check the web portal at any time to view client responses and even text back directly to clients if needed.


ALways be prepared for EMERGENCY CLOSINGS

  • In case of a closing, send automated closing messages to clients and appointment reminder messages are automatically canceled.


Missed appointment? RETENTION MESSAGES

Have your clients been missing their appointments? Do you need to follow-up? Missed appointment and retention messages will automatically follow-up, get feedback and encourage clients to re-schedule. Choose your own rules on how often and for how long you want messages sent.


Sample Appointment Reminder Messages

Click to Here Example Appointment Reminder Messages

“Hello, this is the {Location Name 1} with a reminder that you have an appointment on {Appt Date}, {Appt Time} at {Location Address}. Please bring {Appt Type Information}. Press 1 to confirm your appointment or Press 2 to reschedule your appointment.”

After response {1}: “Thank you for confirming your appointment.”

After response {2}: “Thank you, please call our office at {phone number} Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00 pm to reschedule.”

Example SMS Text Appointment Reminder Messages

This is to reminder of {Appt Type} appt at {Location Name 1}  at {Appt Time} {Appt Date}. Please call {Clinic Phone} if you have any questions. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel.