Effectiveness of SMS Appointment Reminders

Too much revenue being lost to patient no-shows, and appointment reminders, like postcards and personal calls are expensive and time consuming. Teletask Appointment Reminders enables you to efficiently deliver high volumes of patient phone, text and email reminders without overburdening your staff or breaking your budget. Not only do appointment reminders save healthcare professionals' time, Teletask Appointment Reminders reduce broken appointments by an average of 25-30%. You’ll keep patients on track with their care and retain that appointment revenue.

Our system can handle the logistics of delivering multiple message types for multiple appointments, and on multiple days. This is a complicated way of saying Teletask can take the burden out of setting each appointment or message and the follow-up. As the system handles the timing and the types of messages, your staff to focus on inter-personal communication.

Using multiple channels of communication ensures the information is accessible to the patient. We all used to receive postcards for upcoming appointments, and this was a nice gesture. However, smart phones, that we carry with us everyday enabled with text, email and voice messages, are now the most common location to store appointments. Teletask can seamlessly deliver, text, voice and emails messages without burdening your office's phone-lines or internet.

If the office is closed due to an emergency, our system can be accessed from off-site. This ensures, that even in an emergency closure, patients can be notified. This information, accessible with the proper credentials, ensures that staff can manage messages from any location with internet access.

In general, when using our appointment reminders, the day to day focus of the office will change very little.  Perhaps, the staff will spend less time leaving messages and following up, sending mail and more time delivering a high quality of care.