It's Now Easier to send your Messages

Two recent changes have made it easier to create more complex messages:

  • Message Property Templates are now available (under Settings, Miscellaneous). Changing these allows you to set default languages and message types (SMS Text, Voice and Email) for all messages you create. For example, all messages can start out as English and Spanish SMS Text and Voice messages.

  • Auto translate when multiple languages are required. When you've created your messages, before navigating to the recipients page you will now have the option of auto generating (and optionally reviewing) translations.

Announcing Messaging Name Changes and Improvements

We have recently made some changes to the way our message types are named:

Appointment Reminder and Daily Message Types have now been changed into Import Scheduled Messages, which includes toggles in the message properties to change between different scheduling options.



For those who are using the optional two-way texting feature, Conversation messages are now Chats. Several improvements have been added to the chats page, and now Unread chats are displayed in the main navigation so you never have to check for new new incoming chats

Introducing Smart Groups

You can now create a smart group based on rules with existing contact or messaging data. For example, want a group of all contacts who received an appointment reminder in the last 3 months, or create a subgroup of all clients who go to a certain clinic. To create a new Smart Group, navigate to Contacts, Create a New Group, This is a Smart Group and follow the directions to create this group.

Smart Group 2.jpg

New Report Scheduling Options

Any On Demand Report you create can now be turned into a scheduled report and emailed to you or other users. For example, you can create a report for all clients who responded to a SMS text message with "Confirmed" and have it scheduled to email at 4pm. The email will contain a link to a (password protected) file with the detailed report. To create a new Scheduled Report, navigate to Reports, create the parameters for your on-demand report, then Schedule Report, and follow the directions to schedule this report. These reports can be removed from the Automated Reports section

scheduled Report.jpg
scheduled Report2.jpg