Security and Patient Data

Teletask takes great care to protect patient protected information/data from unauthorized use (and potential HIPAA violations). 

Patient Data and Notification History

Patient notification data can be set to be automatically deleted after notifications are sent, leaving no protected patient data such as names and phone numbers in the system.  If there is a need to keep records of sent protected patient data from the Teletask system, such as sending message session reports to clinicians via email, this information can be encrypted to provide an additional level of security.

Included Script Consulting Services

We offer script development services to our customers. In these sessions we advise our customers around any dangerous uses of the technology.  For example, we often get a request to say the name of the patient in the message which we can do, but we advise the customer to consider saying something like “someone in this household has an appointment…..” instead.  If there are questions about message detail we try to offer options that do not in any way violate HIPAA policies.

Teletask’s Access to your Data

Health Messenger data is kept completely encrypted and secured on our servers. If you have more questions about our data security practices, please contact us. For on site systems, Teletask does not have any access to your patient data.  If for some reason you would like Teletask to perform  maintenance on the system, a remote access program is used that allows your staff to temporarily let us in the system, and directly observe our actions as we go about maintenance procedures. Teletask Technicians will not view notification records for diagnostic purposes unless specifically discussed with your staff beforehand.  It is Teletask’s policy to not remove (to our premises) any protected patient data.

Our Commitment To You

Teletask has been successful in protecting patient data since our first systems in 1989 and we are continuing to make the protection of your patient data our priority. These features and policies allow Teletask system users to gain the benefits of our technology without experiencing the risks of unauthorized use of protected patient data.

Additional HIPPA Resources

For more information from the Federal government about Teletask and HIPAA, please see the links below:

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