Teletask Health Messenger sends SMS text, voice and email messages to
reduce no-show's, increase client engagement and empower staff
to communicate effectively with clients


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  • Automated messaging, customized for your organization. 
    Appointment reminders, no-show messages, retention messages, 
    interactive surveys, educational campaigns, and more.
  • Engage in real-time interactive 2-way texting with your clients.
  • Send emergency and closing messages to any client or assigned groups.

  • Enterprise features to keep your organizations automated communications secure, organized, and in one place.

Two-way conversational SMS Chat from any device

Engage in Realtime two-way texting with your assigned contacts or shared organizational contacts.
View contact profile details while in chat. Perfect for appointment follow-ups or client outreach.    


Create your own message scripts

Interactive scripting for Voice, Text and Email messages.
Add merge tags and conditional rules and timings to customize who receives which message and when.


Interactive Dashboard

Our dashboard allows users to view summaries and details for every outgoing and incoming message.
Users can reply directly to incoming texts for easy follow-up. Users can be setup with different dashboards
depending on the contact data they have access to.


How the Process works


    Automatically import data with our Uploader client


Automatically import data with our Uploader client

Import your contact data or create an automated import process. Choose from any of these import options:

  • Teletask desktop client or sftp transfer
    Automatically upload and sync your data files. The Teletask Uploader supports excel, csv, txt, asciII, database files, pdf & more.
  • Website upload and sign-up forms
    Users can import excel or csv files from our website or add contacts individually. Contacts can sign-up directly with a web sign-up form.
  • Opt-In Keyword
    Create an SMS keyword to have contacts add their info directly from their mobile phones.
  • Direct API Integration
    Send messages, view results and responses through our API.


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Select your contact, group, or sub-group and send them your message

  • Send or schedule group messages to your contacts. Messages can be set in multiple languages and drafts saved for future re-use.
  • Send individual SMS texts to contacts and reply to incoming texts.
  • Setup automated messages. These give options such as multiple languages, messaging rules, timing conditions, conditioned responses, and links to other automation.


  • View the status of outgoing messages - see if a voice message was answered or an SMS text was delivered.
  • View recipient responses to voice and text messages. Optionally send texts back to contacts.
  • Create on-demand reports and set automated reports to be emailed to users. All reports can be exported to csv file format.

List of Features

Voice, Text, and Email messages can be customized to deliver contact specific information. Use merge tags, create lookup rules and conditional messaging to send the right kind of message to the right client.

Message Customization

Interactive 2-way Texting

Engage in conversational two-way texting with your contacts or shared organizational contacts in realtime through computer or mobile web-browser. Assign contacts to other users or perform group actions on contacts

Longer SMS Texts

Send SMS Texts longer than the standard 160 character limit! Longer messages are automatically sent as a single long text or multiple texts depending on contact's texting service.

Auto Responses and actions

Incoming Texts or Voice responses from contacts can trigger pre-set automated responses based on criteria or trigger certain options.

Interactive Surveys

Send multi-question SMS text surveys to gauge the effectiveness of your program and collect demographic information as needed.

Set Your Caller ID

Phone reminders display your caller ID (and site specific ID's if needed) so clients call back to the right place, calls can repeated until the reminder is delivered.

Call Routing and Redials

Automatic call transfers for cancellations and rescheduling and redials on busy/missed calls.

Line Detection

Automatically detect if a phone number on your list is a mobile number, landline or VOIP line.

TTS or Recorded Messages

Use Text to speech in 30+ languages to deliver your voice messages, or use the built in auto-scripting process to record your own messages.

Voicemail Detection

Play a different messages to voicemail or live answered calls.

Scripts to get you started

Multi Language Support

Use our library of pre-defined scripts when needed to get you started with what kinds of messages you want to send.

SMS text, voice and email messages can be sent in multiple languages based on the language preference of the contact. Optional Auto-translation via Google Translate.

Rule-based Messaging

Set messages to send automatically to contacts based on set demographic criteria and pre-set timings. Perfect for customized educational campaigns.

Combined Messages

If there are multiple contacts/appointments with the same phone number, messages can combine their merge tag info into a single message . for example, if a family has an appointment for 3 children in the same day, they can receive a single reminder with the 3 appointment times.

Contact Profiles

Contact profiles are automatically generated with with saved message history and updatable message opt-in preferences.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports can be generated on demand by users with details such as the content of each message sent, sent time, response time, contact demographic information, and the user or process that sent the message. Automated reports can be scheduled.

Opt-in Keywords

Setup Text Opt-in Keywords so contacts can sign-up directly from their mobile phone.

Mobile Messaging

Use the Teletask Mobile App or your mobile web browser to message clients.

API for Integrations

Integrations to automatically send messages from your scheduler/ MIS system and receive results and recipient responses back into that system.

User Management

Administrators roles control overall settings and can allocate user roles, allowing autonomy to users to send messages and view results to their recipients. For multiple locations, users can be given access to only their approved sites. 

Shared Accounts

Super-users can share account groups. Perfect for large organizations with multiple setups and stakeholders.

User Tracking

Administrator reports available for user login history and message history.

No Message Times

Set certain no send times and messages will be scheduled around these based on preferences.

Inbox / Outbox

Our new Inbox/Outbox feature lets you manage replies to your messages and see messages that have been sent on your behalf from Teletask.

Staff can be notified the instant a client responds with a confirmation, cancellation, reschedule request or with any additional info. Replies to the notifications are sent back  immediately.

Real Time Notifications


Build custom groups based on past message behavior, responses or contact fields

Smart Groups

Sent your messages in HIPAA compliant formats. All messaging data is secure and encrypted.

HIPAA Compliance