Teletask's messaging systems improve engagement and retention for WIC.

Use Teletask’s Web-based or On-site systems to reduce no shows, increase retention and improve engagement with your clients:

  • Automated appointment reminders and missed appointment notifications
  • Real time, 2-way conversational text messaging for appointment reminders, peer counselors, and ongoing direct participant engagement
  • Closed clinic and emergency messages
  • Send messages to specific groups or sub-group instantly
  • Retention messages to participants who missed but have not rescheduled appointments
  • WIC brand texts and texting campaigns for new mothers

Key Messaging Features For WIC

  • Customize Voice, Text & Email messages delivery by appointment type, clinic, and more.
  • Text and Email messages in 52 languages, Text to Speech in 24 languages (100+ voices), or Voice recordings in any language.
  • View real time text and voice responses from web portal.
  •  Conversational Two-way texting with clients and text auto-replies to client responses.
  • Easily create/send immediate messages for important news(farmers markets, etc.).
  •  Outgoing voice calls can be sent using the Caller ID of your choosing, even per clinic.
  • Advanced Answering Machine Detection delivers message to answering machine/ vm.
  • Automatic call transfers for cancellations and rescheduling.
  • Messages can be sent multiple times with settable rules. For example a text message and voice message are sent  days before the appointment, and if no response is received a follow-up text message is sent 1 day before the appointment.
  • Multiple levels of access allow Admins to have a high level of control while also allowing autonomy for it’s users at the agency and clinic levels who can send messages and view results only to participants within their areas.
  • Create your own messages or use our pre-defined scripts when needed.
  • High level security and encryption standards. Never a breach of any kind.
  • Choose Caller ID Number(s) for outgoing calls
  • Automatic redials on busy/missed calls, text to speech or real voice recordings, view call results and user responses.


Example Messages:



Appointment Reminders Closed Clinic & Reschedules

Prepare clients to arrive on-time or reschedule, bring necessary items to the correct location

Ongoing Engagement

 Message Campaigns                        Peer Counseling 2-way Texting

Communicate program benefits and activities. Collect client feedback and follow-up individually


Missed follow-ups Termination Notifications

Continue open / regular communication with clients until they return to program or opt-out. 

Robust and cost effective messaging solutions available. From single clinic to state-wide system. Contact us for a quote!

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