Explore Solutions and Capabilities 

Web-based and On-site Solutions

  • Web-based Health Messenger delivers Voice, shortcode SMS Text and Email messages. There's no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no phone lines are required. Health Messenger is efficient and affordable, regardless of the size of your contact list. 
  • On-site VOIP and Analog Autodialer and Emergency Notifications systems deliver the messaging solution that best fits your needs. Voice, SMS Text and Email messages are sent using your existing infrastructure. Our on-site systems are compatible with Windows computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2008 and 2012 operating systems.

Messaging Capabilities

  • Customize Voice, Text & Email messages delivery by appointment type, site location, prompt recipient responses and more. Optional advanced voice scripting allows you to create complex outgoing IVR messages.
  • Easily create/send immediate messages for important news or site closings which can automatically cancel appointment reminders to selected groups.
  • Send Text and Email messages in 52 languages, play voice messages with automated Text to Speech in 24 languages (100+ voices), or Voice recordings in any language.
  • View real time text and voice responses from web portal.
  •  Conversational Two-way texting with clients and text auto-replies to client responses.
  • Automatically detect if a phone number on your list is a mobile number, landline or VOIP line (optional).
  •  Outgoing voice calls can be sent using the Caller ID of your choosing, even setting multiple caller IDs if needed.
  • Advanced Answering Machine Detection delivers message to answering machine/ voicemail.
  • Automatic call transfers for cancellations and rescheduling and  redials on busy/missed calls
  • Message groups can be set-up based on pre-defined rules. For example a text message and voice message are sent days before the appointment, and if no response is received a follow-up text message is sent 1 day before the appointment.
  • Automatically have messages sent at pre-defined intervals (we call them message campaigns) to certain groups and have responses routed back as needed.
  • Use our library of pre-defined scripts when needed.

System and Setup Capabilities

  • Multiple levels of access allow Administrators to have a high level of control while also allowing autonomy to users to send messages and view results only to recipients within their areas.
  • High level security and encryption standards for our systems. Never a breach of any kind.
  • Search or browse for a recipient and view their Profile including demographic data.
  • Create ad-hoc reports or setup automated email reporting of your message results.
  • recipients can opt-out of text/ voice/ emails by responding directly to these messages to unsubscribe.
  • Your own personalized website for your recipients to opt-into and out of the messaging groups you've created. Perfect for community outreach and emergency messaging!
  • Integrations to automatically send messages from your scheduler/ MIS system and receive results and recipient responses back into that system.
  • Highly customizable. We are constantly adding new features and integrations. If you need a messaging feature not listed please let us know!