Reduce no-shows, increase participation with Appointment Reminders.       Messages are personalized, easy to setup and allow 2-way communications.


Set it and forget it: How the Process works


1. Setup data source

Upload excel, csv, and other files automatically through our Uploader Software, web portal or SFTP transfer. For more advanced integrations, use our API


 2. Create Reminders

Choose message types   (voice, text, email) and create the content of your reminders and Test your reminders. Optionally add languages, send timings and rules.

3. Send Your Reminders

Save your datafile to the Upload folder to automatically send reminders according to your preset timings! Other automated options available.

    Features Standard for All Messaging Plans

    Voice, Text, and Email messages can be customized per the auto-scripting process to to deliver specific information so contacts arrive at the correct location, on-time and for the right reason.

    Message Customization

    Realtime 2-way Texting

    Engage in conversational two-way texting with clients and setup canned auto-replies to client responses. A great way for rescheduling appointments!

    User Management

    If you have multiple locations, users can be given access to only their approved sites to send messages and view results.

    Set Your Caller ID

    Phone reminders display your caller ID (and site specific ID's if needed) so clients call back to the right place, calls can repeated until the reminder is delivered.

    Group Messaging

    Select a group/ subgroup and send a one off message. Send a closed site message based on the appt time/date.

    Multi Language Support

    Setup messages to send in the language of your choosing. Voice messages can be delivered through text to speech or human recorded scripts.

    Rule Based Messaging

    Setup sending rules and multiple message timings based on your contact data to help ensure contacts get the right messages at the right time.

    Multi-Survey Questions

    Multi question Surveys, Missed/ Retention messages, Educational Campaigns, Other / Custom messages with our rule based send engine.

    Mobile Messaging

    Use the Teletask Mobile App to send group messages and view response summaries.

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