Nielsen Survey Shows Patient Demand for Text

he proof of patient demand for text messaging continues to pile up.

An article from The Washington Post shared recent Nielsen survey findings around how Americans use digital technology in their healthcare. Overall, the data shows that while many providers have been slow to adopt the technology for their patients, those same patients are craving those digital opportunities for interaction.

The Nielsen survey found that among patients ages 18-34, more than four in 10 want text reminders about appointments.

A recent case study from Vanderbilt Medical Center has shown that offering text as an appointment reminder communication option has elevated patient response rates regardless of their delivery channel. After experiencing a 30% response rate when offering only automated phone calls to patients, offering the option of text has grown response rates among patients who want texts and those who still prefer phone calls. The patients who receive texts naturally respond at a higher rate (55%) because that’s the communication channel they prefer. And those patients who would still prefer to receive phone calls can keep that option in place. Since many patients who did receive calls have now moved to text, those who are left receiving calls now respond to messages at a 37% rate.

“We’re getting good results because our patients are making their own choice on how to be reminded,” says Brant Smith, Health Systems Analyst with Vanderbilt’s Capacity Management team.