Teletask's messaging systems improve engagement and retention for WIC

Use Teletask’s Web Portal and Mobile App to improve engagement and retention with your clients


Engage directly with participants through our real-time conversational 2-way text messaging platform. Perfect for communicating with participants who prefer texting over talking on the phone. View a conversation history and participant profile, notes and, incoming message from other participants all simultaneously.


Use our SMS Text based Educational Messaging Campaigns (breastfeeding, nutrition education, etc.) or create your own to support peer counselors, facilitate participant behavior change and encourage ongoing direct engagement.


Reduce no-shows with appointment and due date reminders. Messages can be personalized with scripts. Participants can confirm or cancel their appointments by responding directly to messages. Missed appointment and follow-up retention messages will automatically follow-up, collect feedback and encourage clients to re-schedule.


Have an emergency clinic closing? Automatically send out closing messages and cancel planned appointment reminders to clients groups in just seconds.


Send community messages (farmers market, events, etc.) to groups or staff and view responses as needed. Send to any groups or create your own dynamic sub-group based on criteria.


All messages are tracked and reported in our HIPAA Compliant cloud platform. Accessible from our Web Portal and Mobile App for text, voice and email messages. 


  • Two-Way SMS Texting:

    1. Browse or search for recipient by name/ phone number and send outgoing text messages to initiate chat

    2. View incoming text messages as they come in

    3. View appointment reminder/ group message responses and reply

  • View full participant profiles with updatable notes and real time reporting of conversations

  • Set SMS text auto-replies for certain incoming text messages and set out of office replies.

  • Track all messages, user logins and conversations in real-time. Export as needed (csv, Excel).

  • Send group messages based on rules such as sending an automated voice message if a text message isn’t received, sending to dynamically created sub-groups and more

  • Customize Text, Voice and Email messages with merge tags to create individualized messages by name, clinic, status and more

  • Automated opt-in, opt-out capability as well as ability to manually update in profile

  • High level security and encryption standards include encrypted message storage, https, automated opt-in/opt-out, auto-logout, and reports on system usage.

  • Text and Email messages in 52 languages, Text to Speech in 24 languages or Voice recordings in any language.

  • Outgoing voice calls can be sent using the Caller ID of your choosing, advanced answering machine detection delivers message to answering machine/ vm.

  • Multiple levels of access allow Admins to have a high level of control while also allowing autonomy for users at the agency / clinic levels who can send messages and view results only to participants within their areas.

  • Multiple integration paths with different EHR / MIS systems.

  • Excellent Support through our phone support line, live web-chat and online resources.

  • All the features your staff needs to engage, retain and educate WIC participants

  • Custom reporting including messages summaries, conversation details, user login summaries and more.
  • Auto responses settable by time of day for texting "out of office" reply
  • Customize message delivery by appointment type, clinic, and more


Example Messages:



Appointment Reminders Closed Clinic & Reschedules

Prepare clients to arrive on-time or reschedule, bring necessary items to the correct location

Ongoing Engagement

 Message Campaigns                        Peer Counseling 2-way Texting

Communicate program benefits and activities. Collect client feedback and follow-up individually


Missed follow-ups Termination Notifications

Continue open / regular communication with clients until they return to program or opt-out. 

Robust and cost effective messaging solutions available. From single clinic to state-wide system. Contact us for a quote!

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